Pinch me, I’m dreaming! 

Continuously enjoying every. single. minute. of this expirence. Here, I am on Mt. Fuji, literally up in the clouds! 

– Chloe


Our Eventful First Day

It’s been one day in Japan and it’s already been an adventure of a lifetime. We woke up yesterday and made our way to breakfast. We finally got to meet the international students and professors, that is, those others visiting Technos like we are. We had really great conversation as we are our breakfast of noodles, rice, seafood, and bread. Everyone was so excited to meet us, very sweet and friendly, enjoyable to talk to, and very sympathetic of our flight delays!! Before we headed to Technos, we explored around the hotel and found some cute little shops (We all bought an umbrella at 7/11 because it was rainy all day). When we arrived at Technos, we talked with both Technos students and international students. There I met Eric from Minnesota and two Technos students studying hospitality. We then all went downstairs where each school ran outside individually, and was interviewed by the students. When Dr. Barfield, Chloe, and I ran out, they played Flash by my favorite artist Perfume and I was instantly pumped. The students of Technos all high-fived and hugged us as we ran to the interview stage. Afterwards we had our welcoming ceremony and had a delicious lunch of sushi and other Japanese delights.image


imageWe also met the rest of the Technos students, including Meia who I had the pleasure of talking to for a while. She ended up translating for these boys who were struggling to speak English with me, and we have a lot in common. We even had a conversation in Spanish! After the party, we had tons of free time. A big group of kids, including Chloe and I, ventured to Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku, where we shopped, ate, and explored the city and neighborhoods.We saw so many fantastic cites and I personally feel I’ve already made some great connections. I can already tell it’s going to be very difficult to say goodbye to Tokyo, to Technos and their students, and to our International Week friends.

-Andrew Wagner

Day 1 = tired body. blown mind. 

As I’m sitting in my hotel room exhausted from an eventful first day, I still can’t believe I get two whole weeks of Japan! Already I’ve learned so much. Today we had the welcome ceremony at Technos College. The students there were so welcoming and happy to see us! It was fun to talk to them and let them practice their English on us.

After the ceremony and short party, a few of us students ventured out to Shinjuku and Shibuya. 

This is the famous road crossing that seems so hectic!

We also found a beautiful little park!

This picture is probably the coolest. It’s a panorama of shops in Shinjuku at night. 

We Made It!!!!

We FINALLY made it to Japan.  We had quite an adventure getting here–much like an episode of “The Amazing Race”.  Our flight on Saturday, June 11 out of St. Louis was delayed and we missed our connecting flight to Japan.  Once in Dallas we were able to get a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Honolulu and another from Honolulu to Tokyo.  After a (another) nearly two hour delay in Dallas we arrived 15 minutes before our flight to Japan departed.  Chloe and Andrew spent their first 15 minutes in Hawaii running through the airport.    We made it onto the flight but our luggage didn’t.  In mid-flight I began to realize that we were going to fly into a different airport in Tokyo and worried that the the faculty and staff from Technos College wouldn’t know where/when to pick us up.   I don’t know they did it, but they kept up with all our changes and met us at the airport.  We finally got to our hotel early Monday morning.  We were all too hurried and stressed out to take any pictures on our trip over, but here are some from this morning:


Here’s the view from my hotel room.  It is the rainy season here.


Delicious fish and dumpling for breakfast!



Vending machines.

Melissa Barfield

It’s Almost Here!

We are less than a week out from leaving for Technos and I cannot contain my excitement! (My bags are already packed!) This will be my first time out of the country and I’m so glad McKendree gave me this opportunity to represent my school and immerse myself in a completely new culture. Just thinking of all the new things I’m going to see and do will probably make this next week seem to drag on and on! Check back in here to see our amazing trip and experiences!