The final hours..

We are down to our last fiew hours here is Japan. Yesterday at the farewell party, everyone’s words touched my heart and singing our theme song ‘Happiness’ brought tears to my eyes. I’ve made so many friends and I know I have a couch to stay on in almost every part of the world. Once again, thank you McKendree for giving me such an opportunity and thank you to Patti Daniels and the communications dept. for helping us prepare for the trip. Thank you to my family for letting me out of your reach to have the best two weeks of my life. Thank you to Teccnos for creating this wonderful program.  Last but not least, thank you Technos and international students for giving me a reason to have such a hard goodbye! 

Here is a red-faced, teary-eyed selfie for the road. 


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McKendree Technos 2016

We are students and faculty travelling from McKendree University to experience Technos 2016

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