Last Day Sorrows and Reflection

Today was our last full day in Japan. And honestly leaving the Technos students was one of the hardest things to do. After a morning of a couple classes, we gathered down in the cafeteria to say our last goodbyes, share gifts, and, basically, cry (which I wholeheartedly admit I cried multiple times). I was asked to give a speech, and I was commended graciously by nearly everybody present, including Ms. Tanaka. The emotions are all over the place tonight, and I can definitely say this is very bittersweet to write. I’ll forever be grateful to Technos, McKendree, the Tanaka family, the sister schools, and specifically the international and Technos students for giving me these memories, opportunities, and aspirations for the future. I’ll never forget my new and wonderful friends, who I consider my Japan family. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s some pictures from the bridal class, the voice dubbing class, and the party:



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McKendree Technos 2016

We are students and faculty travelling from McKendree University to experience Technos 2016

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