Hello everyone!

We are still having a great time and learning so many things, including a few words of the Japanese language.  One word in particular captures our experiences so far—omotenashi.  Roughly, this is translated as hospitality.  This means not only delivering great and friendly service, but also anticipating the needs of guests/customers.  Our hosts, the Technos College faculty, staff, and students have done exactly this.  They have thought of everything we could possibly want in a trip to Japan.  Here are some examples of the great things we’ve done:

We spent the last three days at a resort in Midori no Mura in the Nagano prefecture.  We saw Mount Fuji and later had a traditional lunch at Lake Kawaguchiko.  We also made Japanese cuisine, played Japanese dodge ball, sang karaoke, and much more.  We visited Matsumoto Castle on our way back to Tokyo today.  Here are some of favorite pictures:IMG_3298IMG_3635IMG_3665




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McKendree Technos 2016

We are students and faculty travelling from McKendree University to experience Technos 2016

2 thoughts on “Omotenashi”

  1. Dear Melissa, Andrew and Chloe,
    So happy to hear about your wonderful adventures. I love following your blog. Thanks for all the pictures. It is great to see you having so much fun.
    Best Wishes for a safe and wonderful day!
    Patti Daniels


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