The final hours..

We are down to our last fiew hours here is Japan. Yesterday at the farewell party, everyone’s words touched my heart and singing our theme song ‘Happiness’ brought tears to my eyes. I’ve made so many friends and I know I have a couch to stay on in almost every part of the world. Once again, thank you McKendree for giving me such an opportunity and thank you to Patti Daniels and the communications dept. for helping us prepare for the trip. Thank you to my family for letting me out of your reach to have the best two weeks of my life. Thank you to Teccnos for creating this wonderful program.  Last but not least, thank you Technos and international students for giving me a reason to have such a hard goodbye! 

Here is a red-faced, teary-eyed selfie for the road. 


Last Day Sorrows and Reflection

Today was our last full day in Japan. And honestly leaving the Technos students was one of the hardest things to do. After a morning of a couple classes, we gathered down in the cafeteria to say our last goodbyes, share gifts, and, basically, cry (which I wholeheartedly admit I cried multiple times). I was asked to give a speech, and I was commended graciously by nearly everybody present, including Ms. Tanaka. The emotions are all over the place tonight, and I can definitely say this is very bittersweet to write. I’ll forever be grateful to Technos, McKendree, the Tanaka family, the sister schools, and specifically the international and Technos students for giving me these memories, opportunities, and aspirations for the future. I’ll never forget my new and wonderful friends, who I consider my Japan family. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s some pictures from the bridal class, the voice dubbing class, and the party:


Solo Day Saturday

The last couple of days have been quite the adventure! All of us on the trip have grown to be really close to each other and to the Technos students. While Chloe and Dr. Barfield were at the Japanese baseball game on Saturday, I actually ventured out into Tokyo by myself. I first stopped in Roppongi, where I found huge skyscrapers, a TV studio, a couple of gardens, and a temple. It was a unique area! I tried my hand at praying for the first time; it was very cleansing.





On the way back to the station, I actually saw Tokyo Tower in the distance!


I then ventured to Shiodome and discovered Hama-rikyu gardens right on Tokyo Bay. I only had 45 minutes to walk around. I definitely made the most of it though!



Show Time! 

Today, we saw Kabuki, which is a style of traditional Japanese theater. As you can imagine, being an actor myself, I was amazed by the theater and show. I warned the other students that I may cry while watching and I certainly did tear up a bit. We may not have understood the words they were saying, but the actors’ motions and the Kabuki movements told the story very well! Now it’s time to rest up for BASEBALL tomorrow!! I wonder if the game will live up to my Cardinals at Busch Stadium ❤️



Hello everyone!

We are still having a great time and learning so many things, including a few words of the Japanese language.  One word in particular captures our experiences so far—omotenashi.  Roughly, this is translated as hospitality.  This means not only delivering great and friendly service, but also anticipating the needs of guests/customers.  Our hosts, the Technos College faculty, staff, and students have done exactly this.  They have thought of everything we could possibly want in a trip to Japan.  Here are some examples of the great things we’ve done:

We spent the last three days at a resort in Midori no Mura in the Nagano prefecture.  We saw Mount Fuji and later had a traditional lunch at Lake Kawaguchiko.  We also made Japanese cuisine, played Japanese dodge ball, sang karaoke, and much more.  We visited Matsumoto Castle on our way back to Tokyo today.  Here are some of favorite pictures:IMG_3298IMG_3635IMG_3665